Things to Know About Childhood Development Milestones

Children are amazing learners. They are like little sponges that absorb information left and right. They develop new skills and vocabulary at what might feel like the speed of light. Children learn fast because they absorb information and learn in various ways simultaneously.

For instance, a toddler who is starting to learn physical skills will also develop speech, learn social cues, and understand making emotional expressions. Since toddlers learn a lot of things all at once, working with a professional with the qualities of an early childhood educator is necessary.  

At the Academy of Excellence Daycare, we think that collaboration between the child care education provider and the parents is necessary to ensure that each developmental milestone is achieved. As a parent, it will help if you understand the stages of child development.

Academy of Excellence Daycare | Guide to Important Areas of Early Childhood Development

There are four main areas of early childhood development:

  • Social and emotional
  • Language or Communication
  • Physical development
  • Cognitive (including learning, thinking, problem-solving)

Educating children goes beyond a language-rich environment. Although learning about letters, numbers, and words is necessary– it is also important that your child learns about emotional vocabulary. Make sure you entrust this task to experts with the qualities of an early childhood educator.

Milestones to Reach in Early Childhood Development

Each child is different. Each kid in the class will not learn at the same pace, but there are certain milestones that are expected for each age range.

Knowing these milestones will help both parents and educators to be better equipped to work with children and keep an eye out for healthy growth.

Here are the milestones to expect for each age range:

2-4 Months Old

  • Looking at parents
  • Smiling
  • Copying movements and facial expressions
  • Reacting to sounds
  • Tracking movement with their eyes
  • Babbling
  • Holding self up while lying on their stomach

6-9 Months Old

  • Recognizing faces
  • Sitting with no support
  • Picking favorite toys
  • Picking up objects with their thumb and index finger
  • Standing while holding on to objects

One Year Old

  • Feeling shy or nervous with strangers
  • Using simple gestures
  • Saying “mama” and/or “dada”
  • Following simple directions
  • Finding hidden items
  • Standing or making a few steps without support

One Year and 6 Months

  • Initiating play
  • Pointing at what they want
  • Saying several single words
  • Knowing how everyday objects are used
  • Eating with spoons and drink with cups

Two Years Old

  • Showing excitement around other kids
  • Repeating words or sentences
  • Sorting shapes and colors
  • Running, climbing, throwing, and standing

Three Years Old

  • Expressing a wide range of emotions
  • Showing concern for others
  • Following instructions more than one step
  • Playing pretend or make-believe
  • Dressing and undressing themselves

Four Years Old

  • Trying new things 
  • Talking about interests
  • Knowing some basic grammar rules
  • Starting to understand the concept of time
  • Understanding how counting works
  • Handling their food with supervision

Five Years Old

  • Singing, dancing, and playacting
  • Speaking in full sentences
  • Writing some letters or numbers
  • Using the toilet on their own

The Takeaway– How to Support Your Child’s Development?

As mentioned previously knowing the milestones of early childhood education can help you make sure that your child is right on track. But keep in mind that every child is unique, although these milestones are accepted as general guidelines– it is by no means a strict requirement.

If you feel like your child is lagging behind, do not pressure them! It can mean that they prefer a different teaching style. Professionals with the qualities of an early childhood educator can help you figure out what will work better for your child.

Academy of Excellence Daycare upholds a high standard when it comes to early childhood education. You can get in touch with us for more information on amazing childhood education.