Ways to Make Child Care Drop Off Easier for Your Child

Dropping your child off to their school or their child care center is never easy. It will always be a struggle to let go of your little one. But if it is difficult for you, it will be much more challenging for your child. After all, they are either used to being in the comforts of your home or home is all they ever knew (first child care or school experience).

Even with the help of professionals with the qualities of an early childhood educator, your child will take time to accept that they have to be separated from you.

Of course, you and your child will eventually adjust– but till then, drop-offs will always be a struggle.


Tips for Making Drop Offs Easier for Your Child

 As an adult, you may be able to adjust faster or you can handle yourself better despite the change of routine due to your offspring starting school. But you can’t expect the same for your child. Here are some of the things you can do to help:

 Let them bring something familiar.

Remind your child that home is never too far away by letting them bring something familiar. It could be their favorite stuffed toy, their comfort hankie, etc.

 Create a “goodbye routine” for drop-offs.

Having a consistent goodbye routine helps create a fuss-free drop-off. A goodbye routine will help set your child’s expectations. After the routine, they know what’s coming. They understand that it’s time to go to school or the child care center.

Your goodbye routine does not need to be anything flashy or fancy. It could be as simple as a high-five or a kiss goodbye.

 Talk to them.

It feels nice when your parents talk to you and not AT you. Help them feel more comfortable about school or the child care center by talking to them about it. Help them set their expectations. Let them know what the “plan” is– for example, “Starting tomorrow, we will drop you off at school, you are going to meet new friends, and you are going to have so much fun…” 

Making sure that you choose a childhood facility like Academy of Excellence Daycare that only employs professionals with the best qualities of an early childhood educator will also help your child love their experience in class.


Tips for Making Drop Offs Easier for You– the Parent

 Even if you handle the separation better, it does not mean that you won’t be having any anxieties throughout the day. Here are some tips to help make the drop-off easier for YOU– the parent:

Do your research.

Do your research about the facilities or the school. Make sure that you, yourself, are comfortable with the child care and education service providers that you have chosen for your child. 

Ask questions that will help you feel at ease. You can ask them if their staff is CPR trained or if they know how to handle children with allergies, etc.

If you have done your due diligence picking the right school or child care facilities, then you can assure yourself that you have nothing to worry about.

 Prepare a checklist.

You need to make sure that you pack all the things your child needs for when they go to school or when you drop them off at their child care center. No matter how much you tell yourself that you remember every single item, you can never be too sure. You should prepare a checklist for the night before school.

 Packing on the day may not be such a good idea especially if you are new to all this. Reduce your stress, prepare a checklist and prepare the night before!

 Prepare yourself for waterworks.

 Unfortunately, it is not the fun type of waterwork. But you do need to expect them— whether it is from the time you drop them off or when you pick them up, you need to prepare yourself for some tears.

 You may already be expecting your child to cry when you drop them off, but it may make you worry if you pick them up crying. You need to keep calm and understand that your child may need some time to decompress after experiencing a new social situation. It does not automatically mean that they are hurt– but it won’t hurt to check with them


At the end of the day…

 What matters is that your child has achieved a new milestone in their life! Now, you and your child both need to get used to it. Dropping off your child will always be difficult at first, but it is an experience that you both have to go through. 

 Knowing that your child is with a professional that has the best qualities of an early childhood educator will help you feel at ease while you wait for the day to end. A nurturing educator will help your child adjust. This reason is why choosing the right child care and education center matters.

 Make sure that you remind them to make the most out of their situation, learn, make new friends and have fun. And that they will be seeing you at the end of the day.