Innovative Approaches to Child Care Education

Change is inevitable, so people should make the best of the ever-changing nature of life. One of the best qualities of an early childhood educator is being observant of the changes and trends in the industry to further help nurture their young students. 

For instance, the Academy of Excellence Daycare emphasizes the importance of making a positive impact on their young learners which is why they have optimized different programs to accommodate different subjects that your child may have an interest in.

Investing in good early childhood education provides lasting benefits to children and will help them throughout their adulthood. Now that times are changing– there are now more innovative approaches to child care and education.


Innovation in Education for Child Care Education

Here are some innovative approaches to child care education that you would want to look out for:

Focusing on phonics in teaching literacy.

Being proactive to the students’ needs is also one of the best qualities of an early childhood educator. Some educators and even establishments are making a switch from word walls to sound walls to teach children better.

Focusing on systematic phonics in literacy subjects helps close the gap in early childhood education materials and the children’s needs in a literacy-focused community. This innovation is especially helpful to children since learning to read properly is connected to success in school.

Integrating nature in education.

Forest school is a teaching approach that involves visiting natural spaces to better learn personal, social, and technical skills. This type of approach gives children a lot of opportunities to grow and develop all sorts of skills. They also get to learn about the natural environment while they develop their motor skills. 

Not only will they learn how to build a bond with other children, but they will also learn how to build a connection with their local ecosystem.

You may be concerned about their safety while in the field, but a good child care educator can keep an eye on their young learners. 

Focusing on diminishing the achievement gap in class.

The achievement gap refers to the differences in the academic achievement of children from different social and economic groups. It is the harsh reality of life that children from high-income households have better access to educational resources than children from low-income households. 

There is also quite a gap between the achievements of children who learned English as their first language versus children in a multilingual home. 

One of the best qualities of an early child care educator is being ready to accommodate the varying needs of their students. But, thankfully, it is no longer a teacher’s sole battle to fight— establishments in the education industry and even the government are getting involved to ensure that no student gets left behind.


Using technology in child education.

Technology is making its way in different industries, including early childhood education. There is still some debate whether it is a good idea to expose children to technology at a very young age.

Excessive use of technology can leave children too distracted to actually learn, but developing digital resilience is ideal in a world that is immersed in technology. Obviously, the key here is balance.

 Instead of depriving the children of technology, some schools and educators opt to use it to their advantage by exposing children to digital educational resources. By using technology for learning, educators and parents of today can use the new tools for developing positive behavior towards technology.


On a Final Note

 Innovative approaches to child care education can significantly improve your child’s experience and growth. However, no matter how great these innovations are– you still need to make sure that you work with professionals with the best qualities of an early childhood educator.

 Before you entrust your child’s education to anyone, you should look for passion and commitment in the people working at the child care and education facilities. A good teacher will be better prepared to help your child succeed.