Parent Tips: Transitioning to a Child Care Provider

Academy of Excellence Daycare understands that the transition can be challenging for everyone involved, but with a bit of collaboration between parents and the childcare provider– your child can overcome this daunting experience.


Ways to Make the Transition to a Daycare Easier


Here are some tips on making the transition to daycare easier for you and your child:

Check the location and hours of operations.

You need to pick a childcare provider that matches your needs. It means it needs to be in a convenient location and it needs to be open during the time that works best for you and your child.

It makes sense for you to pick a daycare center near your home or work. Why? Because you will need to prepare all your child’s things like two sets of clothing, labeled diapers, prepped and labeled bottles, and many more. You also need to wake your kid up to get them to the daycare. 

On top of that, you also need to make sure that the staff has the qualities of an early childhood educator. Working with professionals who understand children will make the transition so much easier.


Find out the child-to-adult ratio.

A low child-to-adult ratio is ideal, especially in small group sizes. This type of setting ensures that your child will get enough attention from the adult in charge of the children. A low child-to-adult setting ensures that each child’s unique needs are met.


Prepare yourself– it will be stressful at first.

You need to accept that it will always be stressful at first. The first few days or even weeks of dropping off your child at daycare will be difficult. It is new and unfamiliar– expect your child to cry. You, yourself, might even cry! 

Do not fight it. Accept it. The sooner you accept the fact that it won’t be easy, the sooner you can prepare yourself for the day you will drop your baby off at daycare. It will get better eventually.


Communicate with your childcare provider.

Academy of Excellence Daycare encourages parents to communicate with their childcare providers. The more they know about your child, the better they can support them. Great teachers who have the qualities of an early childhood educator will be able to use the information you share to support play, learning, and development. 

They can also update you about your child’s day so you can continue supporting them at home.


Stay strong in front of your child.

As mentioned previously, transitioning to a child care provider is difficult. Not only for your child but also for you. Try not to cry in front of your child so that they won’t feel upset as you leave them at the daycare center. If you handle the situation with confidence, your kid will do the same thing… eventually.



Building a good relationship with your childcare service provider is great, but you’d want to talk to your child about their day as well. No matter how great the staff is at the daycare, they cannot tell you how the day went from your child’s perspective. Sharing stories is a great way to bond as well.


The more you talk to your child, the less worrisome the transition into daycare will be.