Your Pre-School Curriculum Could Be Better: Ways to More Efficient Learning

Academy of Excellence Daycare prides itself on its effective preschool curriculum for its students. Learn more about how your preschool curriculum could be better through balance and careful planning like how this extraordinary Lake Mary daycare does it.

Every child is unique in their own way– that said, you have a lot to balance when working on your preschool curriculum. You need to find a path that can accommodate each child’s development needs. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all formula to learning, but the next best thing is ensuring a developmentally appropriate and engaging learning experience for your entire program.


Academy of Excellence Daycare Best Practices for Effective Preschool Curriculum

Here are some things that you can do to make sure that your preschool curriculum can give your students the best experience while balancing fun and learning:


Check if your preschool curriculum is developmentally appropriate.

Although you want your students to have fun– you also want them to learn. If your curriculum options do not help them develop their essential skills, then you need to make some changes right away!

Printables, coloring pages, worksheets, and flashcards are classic tools for teaching children in preschool. However, they might not help with development as much as the kids need. Using them may not be inherently bad, however– they are also not the most developmentally appropriate materials for preschoolers. 

It does not mean that you should remove these tools altogether, but you do need to find ways to make sure that your young learners are still being challenged in class.


Create a developmental framework.

Creating a developmental framework involves setting a long-term goal with little milestones along the way. You can base your short-term goals on the framework which will help you meet all of the children’s learning needs.

Your developmental framework should be a comprehensive map containing all the domains and skills that children need to develop under your care. It will help you identify which areas need some work and which ones need some improvement. Academy of Excellence Lake Mary daycare does not simply settle for the basic curriculum for its students– it goes up and beyond.


Consider what your students like.

Academy of Excellence daycare considers what the children are interested in at their age. By looking at what your students like and using their interests as a hook for their learning– you can get them to participate in class activities which in turn improves their skills and knowledge.

Of course, you can still use common topics associated with a preschool curriculum– they are common since they broadly appeal to children. However, you should not feel limited by them. If you feel like counting flower petals is overdone at this point, feel free to look at what your students are most interested in right now and use that for your next lesson.


Let the children lead activities.

Generally, humans have a short attention span. Did you know that the average attention of humans has shortened from 12 seconds to eight seconds? Now, it might even be shorter for your tiny human students. 

That said, making your young learners sit and listen to you the whole day is not going to be an effective way to teach them. Of course, you still need teacher-led activities that will allow you to give one-on-one attention, more in-depth projects, and messier materials. 

However, letting your students lead will allow them to direct their own play and learning– which are essential skills in their respective senses. There is no right ratio to split the teacher-led and student-led activities. Expect that it will change from time to time.


Observe and evaluate your progress and make changes if necessary.


As mentioned previously, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to teaching children. You need to observe them understand their development. Paying attention to your young learners’ development will help you proactively plan, adapt, and adjust. 


At the end of the day


Creating a curriculum for pre-school can be a very personal experience. There is no one right way to do it– but you can always do better by putting a bit of heart into the planning. 

The process will continue to evolve as your students continue to develop their skills– this means you also need to continue to learn, observe, analyze, test, and grow with your students. 

Putting the needs of your students at the center of the curriculum will help you succeed in creating a better learning environment for your pre-school learners.

If you are looking for a Lake Mary daycare, feel free to get in touch with the Academy of Excellence daycare.