What Does Your Child See? Achieve a Better Pre-School Transition Experience By Looking Through Their Eyes

Going to pre-school is a big milestone for both you and your child. You may have a lot of things going on in your mind– like how different it is going to be for your family. There will definitely be a lot of changes and transitioning will not be easy on anybody. Academy of Excellence Daycare is one of the Lake Mary private schools that understands that the transition can be challenging for everyone involved.

However, if you want to solve any problems while transitioning to preschool– you need to understand things from your child’s perspective.


Things That Can Make Pre-School Difficult for Your Child


As a parent, you will feel significant changes once your child starts going to preschool. But keep in mind that all this will be harder on your kid more than anyone else. As an adult, you know how the world works and you have already developed the skills to process changes in your life.

That said, your struggles are very real, but at the end of the day– your child will need all the help they can get as they get used to a new environment.

Here are the things that can make pre-school difficult for your child:


Experiencing Separation Anxiety

If you put yourself in your child’s shoes– it makes sense for them to experience separation anxiety upon entering school for the first time. Home is all they have ever known– then suddenly you are going to leave them with strangers somewhere entirely new.

They are used to seeing you in the house. Your child knows which room to go to when they need you. But now, they are with people they don’t know in a place they are not familiar with– and on top of that, you’d be nowhere to be found.

Again, putting yourself in your child’s position. What do you think will help them in this situation? First, you’d want someone to diffuse your fear. So do just that for your child. Validate their feelings and take their fears seriously. Then reassure them that you will be back to pick them up and take them home. You can also give them something that reminds them of you so that they’d find comfort in the subtle reminder that you will be back.


Struggling with Making Friends

Children will have unique reactions to other kids. Some may want to observe first, while some will try and start making conversation right away. Regardless of what your child does, they will need some time to settle down in the new environment. It’s especially true for shy or hesitant children.

Your child will need your support for them to be able to socialize with confidence at school. Your home is where they will first learn about building relationships. You can help them make friends by making sure that your child experiences healthy and respectful interactions at home.


Getting Used to the New Environment

As mentioned previously, home is all your child has ever known. They are used to just having your family around. Getting used to other kids and the teacher can be a challenge. It is natural for your child to feel unsure and uncomfortable during the first few days or even weeks of pre-school. Now, what can you do to help them overcome this problem?

You need to acknowledge their feelings and then discuss the difference between school and your home. Encourage them to talk about school and even ask them to talk about what they miss about home. Being able to talk about these things will help them process their feelings better.


At the end of the day


Your child just needs to know that you are there for them as they try to adjust to a new place. Do your best to get involved in their school life as much as possible. You should also try to see things from their perspective to help you think of better ways to guide them.

You can coordinate with the school if you wish to be more present for your child. You may find a list of Lake Mary private schools that you can choose from, but you need to make sure that it matches your schedule and needs. It would be great if you can confirm that your daycare has pre-school teachers with the qualities of an early childhood educator. They can help put you at ease while also ensuring that your child is in good hands.