Most Common Child Care Issues and How to Solve Them

As a parent, it is natural for you to feel protective towards your child– that is why leaving them under a child care service provider may take some adjustment. However, early childcare development is a delicate period and you will need help making sure that your child learns all the necessities they need to excel in school and succeed in life.

No matter how popular or well-regarded a child care service facility is, you can’t help but still worry about your child’s well-being. And sure enough, there are some issues that you would want to address.

Common Concerns at Child Care Centers

Here are some common concerns at child care centers that you may encounter as a parent:

Bumps and Bruises on Your Child

You may be thinking “NO, this is not okay” and hold on to your child as tight as you can– but you need to keep calm and compose yourself.

Of course, any sign of physical harm or injury is not acceptable. But this is why you are working so hard to find a daycare and education service provider that you can trust with your child.

Another thing you need to consider is that children can really be adventurous especially during playtime. You may have already witnessed this yourself in the comforts of your own home.

Now, the problem may and WILL arise if there is no clear communication about how your child got their new bump or bruise. You can resolve this by letting the daycare center know that you want to be updated about these things. Good daycare facilitator will understand where you are coming from and acquiesce.

It will also help if you talk to your child about their day and ask about any bumps or bruises that they may have one day. Then you can give them some basic guidelines on how to enjoy it without hurting themselves.

Your Child Hating Daycare

This issue falls more towards your side of the court rather than the daycare’s, however, there might be more to the story.

There is a fine line between just wanting to enjoy at home and dreading daycare for a much deeper reason. There are times when your child just really enjoys home more, maybe there is a cartoon show that they want to binge with you or a new toy that they don’t want to leave behind. 

However, if your child initially liked going to daycare and they suddenly hate it so much– then you may have to dig in deeper.

As a parent, you may be thinking of the worst like, “did someone hurt my baby?” or “what did they do to my child?”, but no need to jump to drastic conclusions as it may be as simple as a classroom or teacher change.

The best way to resolve this is to dig in deeper and get to the heart of the problem. You can talk to your child and ask what’s wrong. Is it because of the teacher? Did they fight with their friend? Or simply ask them if anything changed in their classroom.

But again, there are cases when your child just wants to stay at home and enjoy playing in their room. You need to determine when they have a daycare-related problem or when they are just having a stay-at-home kind of mood. Clear communication is the key.

Educational Material Leveling is Off

Early child care and education are all about developing essential skills they need for higher education and life. However, daycares or child care centers are for children who are just beginning to learn. They do not need to be rigorously educated, however, it does help to know that they are doing age-appropriate activities. 

Now, keep in mind that child behavior is not always consistent. They may be fired up to learn one day and then all they want to do is rest the next day. And that’s okay!

However, you may need to start asking questions if your child has not learned anything new or achieved new milestones in months.

Try asking your child about their activities during the day and inquire about the NEW things they have learned. For instance, a 1 or 2-year-old child should be learning their ABCs and maybe some new words and colors.

If your child has not been able to learn new things in months, it can either mean that the level of educational materials may have become static or they may be too advanced for them to process at their age.

You can resolve this during a parent-teacher conference, you can ask the teacher about their materials and make suggestions and changes that you want to see in the children’s learning materials. If things do not change, then it may be time for a new childcare service provider.

Too Much Technology 

Technology has become an essential element of life throughout the years. Exposure to technology can help your child develop the computer skills they need for higher education and even in finding jobs. However, there is a long way before all that.

Some childcare centers have started introducing technology into their educational materials. Now, there is nothing inherently wrong with technology or using it as a tool for learning. However, there might be instances when it is too much.

For instance, if your child knows how to operate your smart TV or tablet and knows of educational shows that you have never seen before AND they are pretty far ahead in the episode, then the childcare center may have been using far more technology in teaching than you expect.

Again, this is something that you can resolve by talking to your child’s teacher. Understanding where the lessons are going and why technology is necessary for said lessons may help you decide if this teaching style is something you want for your child or not.


Being protective towards your child is a natural reaction as a parent. Leaving them in other people’s care may leave you worrying a little too much. However, no matter what issue or concern you may have– you can easily resolve them by communicating with the childcare facilitators and, of course, your child.

Understanding what is going on in the center and with your child can help you gain a better perspective of all sorts of situations.


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