Welcome To Camp Accel 2021!

Take your seats, AoE passengers, and fasten your seatbelts. Our Summer journey is about to begin! Please, make yourselves comfortable. We are heading 4,577 miles east of Sanford Airport and will be traveling for 10 hours before we arrive at our first destination.

Ladies and gentlemen prepare for takeoff!

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This year, we’ll be journeying to 5 exotic destinations around the world.

We begin in France for 2 weeks, then head over to Italy, Scotland and China. Finally we’ll visit Brazil as the last stop before heading back to Sanford.

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Travel Times

Our campers are going to have so much fun on this journey! Be sure to check our travel times to ensure your little ones are on time each day so they’re ready to enjoy the trip!

We have 2 flight schedules so be sure to check the one that fits best for you!.

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Departure Time: 2:00 PM

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Arrival Time: Between 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Departure Time: Between 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM

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We finally landed in France!

The Louvre, a little cheese, and the Eiffel Tower; this visit couldn’t have been anymore perfect. Although, we may have mixed up the Tour de France dates and had to navigate our way through hundreds of speeding cyclists. Oops!



Is that tower leaning? We must be in Italy!

How do we choose our favorite Italian experience? There are too many to pick; from sipping a cappuccino on the gondola in Venice, adventuring through endless vineyards under the Tuscan sun, and to tossing our coin into the Trevi Fountain for good luck. Oh, wait. The pizza! We will never forget our first pizza in Naples.



Time to slip into our kilts, we have arrived in Scotland!

What fun we had at the Scottish Highland Games! The log throwing competition was definitely the most exciting. However, the winners ate a Scottish delicacy called Haggis during the award ceremonies. Gross!

Oh, how we will miss the sound of bag pipes and the highland cows. They could be the most adorable animal we have ever seen!



Look at all that bamboo! We are in China!

Someone handed me a scorpion on a stick for a snack in Beijing! I think we should play with the Pandas instead. I might be brave enough to try it next year but, right now, no thank you.

Maybe on our next visit, we will finish our 13,171 mile hike across the Great Wall!



Palm trees, sand, blue water. Hello Brazil!

This is the perfect country to spend the remainder of our 50-day journey in. The culture was exciting! The whole city of Rio de Janeiro celebrated Carnival! Music, dancing, and so many bright colors!

I suppose it’s time to board our final flight wearing feathers.

5,643 miles back to Sanford, Florida we go!

Living our life by a compass has come to an end. It is sad to know we will no longer have to live out of a suitcase once we arrive at Baggage Claim. But we traveled the world! We were inspired by the beauty of different cultures and we made friends from all over! But most importantly, we learned that not all classrooms have four walls.


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