The Importance of Parent Involvement in Child Care EducatioN

Parents play a significant and crucial role in a child’s life. They are involved in many major decisions in the children’s development. They also provide essential support in their learning and growth.

However, some parents’ involvement in their children’s education stops once they drop the kids off at the childcare center or preschool. They let the teachers take over in the morning, then pick their children up at the end of the day– and that’s about it.

However, parents need to consider how valuable their support during their children’s stages of development. Their involvement in their children’s education can significantly improve the experience for their kids.


Benefits of Parent Involvement in Childcare and Education

The most important cognitive development happens during a child’s preschool years. You can ensure that your child develops all the necessary skills to their fullest potential by taking an active role in their early childhood education.

Parent involvement means creating a positive learning environment for children which can help them learn outside of the classroom or the childcare facilities. Children who get the support they need tend to perform better in school.

Learning should extend outside the classroom. Parents can help their children learn new things while they are at home as well. If you maintain a healthy amount of involvement in your child’s education, you can establish a better understanding of what kind of help your child needs.


The Role Parents Play in Early Childcare and Education

Parents can help children apply their learnings from school in real life and extend the positive learning experience in the outside world.

Connecting with the childcare center about their current lessons and activities will help you understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses. You can further nurture their confidence and abilities while also working on the areas they need to improve.

One of the challenges for childcare professionals is trying to better engage parents in their child’s learning. You can be a part of the solution by establishing good lines of communication between you and your child care center. You can also make an effort to become a partner in your child’s education and make a positive impact on their learning ability.


Tips for Better Involvement in Your Child’s Education

Here are some tips on how you can improve your involvement in your child’s early childcare and education:


Show interest in learning more about the childcare center.

Getting to know the childcare service provider will help you understand how they operate and get a better feel of the environment that they can set for your child.

The right childcare center and educators will go the extra mile to make your child feel comfortable in learning. And the only way you will know this is if you maintain a healthy amount of involvement in your child’s education.


Check if the child care center has activities that allow parent participation in the classroom.

Some childcare service providers have activities or events that allow parents to participate. Being present in these activities will help your child feel your support. Children with supportive parents tend to do better in class due to the amount of encouragement that they are getting.

However, keep in mind that too much support may pressure your child, so keep it at a healthy level.


Give suggestions when the opportunity arises.

A parent-teacher conference allows you and the educators to discuss your child’s progress. This meeting is a great place to bring up suggestions and recommendations that can help improve the curriculum.


Cultivate your child’s skills at home.

As mentioned previously, education should not just be an activity that your child does in school. It should be an ongoing process that they should continue doing everywhere, especially at home.

You can research for some resources that can guide you on how to help your child develop their motor skills, language skills, behavior management skills, and more. 



 Parent involvement can significantly improve children’s learning experience and progress. If you make it a habit to stay involved in your child’s early education, it will be easy for you to support them through elementary, higher education, and beyond.

Aside from progress, a healthy amount of your involvement can also help improve the learning outcomes of your child. You need to ensure your child that they have all the support they need to succeed.