Trending Learning Tools for Modern Education

The world continues to evolve along with the people that live in it. Technology is one of the most powerful and versatile breakthroughs of humankind. It has significantly changed the way we live, the way we process information, the way we work– and even the way we learn.

Modern Learning Tools

Here are some of the new learning tools for modern education:

Interactive Websites

As the name suggests, interactive websites offer engaging content that students can interact with. This type of learning tool is effective, especially for young learners.

Most interactive websites require little to no guidance from a teacher. Interactive websites do not just help the kids learn, they will also keep them entertained for hours.

This learning tool exposes children to technology at a young age– this will help them develop a level of familiarity with the technological tools and equipment that they will need even outside of school.

Educational Apps

There are mobile applications that are specifically designed to help students study. Some schools are already enforcing learning through devices like iPads or tablets.

Tablets or iPads are great investments in the sense that they can be used in several ways on top of being an educational tool. Aside from that, students can install and uninstall educational applications as they need them.

Educational Videos

The concept of educational videos has been around for a long time. However, thanks to the internet– they are now more accessible to students. Back in the day, teachers needed to search the school library for the VHS or DVD relevant to their lessons.

Now, some websites offer educational videos that even students can access. Even YouTube has educational channels that both teachers and students can subscribe to and watch.

Digital Storytelling

Children tend to be creative since they do not feel the need to conform to logic and norms yet. A great way to nurture their creativity and let their imagination run is by letting them tell their story. Some websites allow users, especially children, to create visual stories. This activity keeps the kids engaged while also encouraging them to higher-level thinking.


Of course, eBooks are on the list. They are great alternatives to textbooks. They are more affordable and portable.

Textbooks tend to be more on the expensive side especially if you want to go for a new copy. The sad part is that you do not get to use them for a long time since you will probably need a new set of books in the next school year. They are also heavy to carry around and not everyone has access to lockers.

eBooks might take up some space in a tablet or phone, but you can always delete them when you do not need them anymore. On top of that, they are only as heavy as your device no matter how many books you download.

Virtual Tests

This tool is especially useful in an online classroom setting. This allows students to take their exams in the comforts of their own homes. Some virtual testing tools even have timers so that students can be responsible while answering each item.

Online Behavior Systems

An online behavior system is another useful tool for online classes. This tool can help teachers manage the classroom in an online setting. Some online behavior systems allow teachers to award students for positive behavior like participating in class, helping their classmates, exercising creativity, and working hard.

Most online behavior systems are available in both desktop view and mobile view which means they are also accessible from a tablet or a smartphone. 


Technology has come a long way and it has become an essential aspect of everyone’s life.

Educators must get the most from the new learning and use them to their advantage. Some or most kids have short attention spans and the tools on this list can help keep them engaged and focused as they develop their skills.

You can avoid losing the students’ interests by knowing your tools inside out. Understanding each and every feature of the tools will allow you to answer any questions from the class and seamlessly demonstrate their functions to your students.

Technology can be intimidating, but if done right– it can help kids during their early child care and education. The world is evolving, and so must we.

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